Experience the great features

  • Perfect Straight Lines

  • Very sharp edges

  • Secure Bracket System

  • Stainless Steel Bolts and Nuts

  • No Maintenance

  • Fully Galvanised


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How to Pay

There are various options

  • Credit Card

  • EFT

  • Cash

  • Finance by Retail Store

  • Finance by your bank

  • Second bond on your house


The ways of delivery

  • Normally we first deliver your posts and tracks in order to be installed

  • After installation thereof, you give us exact measurements to be installed

  • We can also deliver everything simultaneous

      Palisade Fencing by Palisade World

      We manufacture Palisade Fencing and Gates and deliver it to your door, you can hire an installer, or do it yourself.

      Our galvanized Fencing Products:

      • Palisade Fence Panels with pales and bearers, glass-filled nylon brackets and stainless steel bolts, nuts, and washers
      • Posts with caps
      • Sliding Gates with the welded gate frame, palisade panels, post, and brackets.
      • Pedestrian Gates with the welded gate frame, palisade panel, locking system, and hinges.
      • Double Leaf Gates with the welded gate frames, palisade panels, and hinges.

      Additional services

      • Powder Coating
      • Gate Automation
      • Installation
      • Electronic Security equipment

      Order Procedures and Installation

      To order your palisade fence is quite easy, you can do it yourself, the installation of the fence is not so complicated. You need someone who understands plumb and level.

      • You need to plan your fence, decide where you want to close your property and the height of the fence you want to install. You need to determine your gate size and type of gate you want to install. Do the measurements and order your fence from us.
      • Make sure that you have approved building plans for your project before you start.
      • Dig the holes where the fencing posts will be planted, about 2 to 3 meters apart. That holes need to be in a straight line and dug 600mm deep 400mm wide. We deliver your posts first so you now plant the posts in a straight line and make sure it is plumb and the tops of the posts are all on the same level. After planting your posts you measure the exact distances between your posts and email it to us to start the manufacturing of your palisade panels.
      • The installation of the gates needs a bit more skill, we advise you to make sure that the person doing this understands all the steps of installing the gates, especially the sliding gate. The track and guidepost need to be planted at specific measurements to ensure that your gate will work properly and that all brackets will work correctly. Before throwing the concrete you need to make sure all conduits are laid for the intercom system, beams, future electronic security equipment wiring, electric fencing wiring and all cables for the gate motor.