Palisade Fence Panels

Designed for optimum security for Domestic and Commercial Installations. We manufacture all sizes up to 3000mm wide and 2400mm high

Our Palisade Fencing Panels consists of the following Components:


The Pales are manufactured with Z275 Galvanised Steel Commercial Quality 1mm thickness, it is manufactured on a roll format machine into a W shaped format with 4 bends for increased strength and stability. The final Pale width is 70mm and you can choose your Pale type at no extra cost. All the Pales have 2 holes standard - one 295mm from the top and the other 200mm from the bottom. It can also ordered without holes. 


The Bearers are Manufactured also with the same W shaped format as the Pales and the holes are punched according to your choice of the gap between the Pales you require. We use a double Bearer system with the Pales bolted in between the Bearers which forms a very strong cross member system.


We use a Glass-filled Nylon Bracket with UV protection to finish off our Palisade Panels professionally. These Brackets also ensure high security as no one can tamper with the bolts after installation.


We use a special manufactured for us, a 6mm Stainless Steel Bolt for our system.

Shear-off Nuts

Our Shear off Stainless Steel nuts ensures a secure installation 


We use Stainless Steel Split washers