Buy your fencing and gates Online!

How to get an online quotation yourself

Choose the product - Remember that you would need Panels, Posts and Gates to complete your fence.

  • Panels - to choose the correct panel make sure that you choose the correct Gap between your pales, the Height, the Width and the colour

    • Gap - 110mm is the standard Gap between the pales, 90mm to keep Fox-terriers inside and 70mm to keep the Yorkies inside

    • Height - this is the height from the top to the bottom - we deduct 50mm so please do not allow anything

    • Width - this is the width from left to right - we deduct 20mm for the brackets so please give the full size do not allow for anything

    • Colour - all our Panels are galvanised and if you choose any colour, it will be an additional charge.

  • Posts - we have various types of posts - Pre-galv and Welded posts

    • Pre-galv - these posts are rolled from hot dipped Galvansed steel with no welding - it includes a plastic Cap.

    • Welded Posts - hot dipped galvanised posts 1.6mm, 2mm, 3mm and 4mm thick

    • Welded Base Plate posts - for on top of walls

    • Welded U Plate Posts - for over vibracrete posts or brick wall.

  • Gates - We manufacture Sliding Gates, Double Leaf Gates and Single leaf gates.

    • Sliding Gates - 

    • Double Leaf Gates

    • Single Leaf Gates